A Simple Switch to a Better Cat Food Helped My Pet

I really love my cat, and she gets a lot of attention from me. The attention she receives helped me to see when she had a medical issue pretty quickly. She was licking her lips a lot, and I learned from the vet that means nausea. I ended up switching her food after looking at some Natural Balance Ultra Premium Cat Food reviews carefully and seeing some other cat owners state that their cat’s stomach issues went away after they put their cat on this food full time. That turned out to be true for my pet, too!

I work long hours, but when I am home, I make sure to spend quality time with her. Spending time together is very peaceful for me, and it’s important that I do what I can to make sure that she’s not bored since I don’t have any other pets. I’ve done a pretty good job of helping her to have good behavior thanks to the the attention I give her. I trim her claws so that she doesn’t rip up any furniture or carpeting. I have a lot of different toys that she can play with. She gets brushed often, too.

One night, I was using one of those fishing wand toys that she loves so much, but she wasn’t in a playful mood. I noticed that she licked her lips repeatedly, so I took her to the vet the next day. He immediately put her on anti-nausea medication and that helped. However, I didn’t want her to live her life on a daily prescription, so I found a better answer to help her when I read about changing a pet’s food to see if that will make the nausea go away. There are often ways that you can help a pet withotu resorting to medications.

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