Custom Wallpaper Will Blow Your Mind

When my wife and I looked into custom wallpaper in Sydney as part of our decision to redecorate several rooms in our home, I was pretty skeptical about something called custom wallpaper. I wasn’t even sure we should even be thinking about wallpaper as it seems to have gone out of fashion in recent years. I’ve been inside a lot of buildings and homes and don’t recall seeing a lot of wallpaper up. If I did it see it, the home was usually quite a bit older. I also didn’t relish the thought of actually hanging the wallpaper. I’ve done it and it’s difficult.

My wife insisted we go check this place out so I went along to humor her. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that custom wallpaper might well be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. These guys can make virtually and design you want and put it on wallpaper. Some of the examples they showed us were so awesome that it just boggled the mind. We’re talking really creative stuff that makes a room just pop with color and life. We walked out of there and I think we’d both decided we were definitely going to do this in our home.

We came up with a design and sure enough they made enough of it to cover the area we wanted covered. Did I mention they also have years worth of experience in hanging wallpaper? That meant I didn’t even have to bother with the job. They came out with the exact measurements they needed and went to work and had the paper quickly and professionally. It was a perfect fit and the room just seemed totally different. It’s definitely not boring now! I think more people would go back to wallpaper if they knew what you can do with it these days.

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