Effective, Affordable, and Quick Apartment Cleaning

Post tenancy cleaning in Singapore is easy to find, but the quality varies greatly. I own an apartment building with a dozen tenants always moving in and moving out, and that means I am often confronted with the problem of getting an apartment back into shape after particularly sloppy people leave behind a huge mess. It happens more than you would think. At first I thought maybe I just had bad luck, but I’ve talked to other landlords and they all say the same thing: there are a lot of slobs out there who seem to relish making a mess.

Sometimes I’m happy when all they do is leave behind a lot of trash. At least they didn’t trash the appliances or put out cigarettes on the carpet. I’ve seen toilets left in conditions you wouldn’t believe. The occasional people who not only take all of their stuff with them, but also clean up after themselves are always greatly appreciated. But the problem is finding a company that will come in and do a great job cleaning up the mess. I had a run of bad luck and had companies that didn’t do a good job until recently.

A fellow landlord recommended a company who has been doing his units for some time. He said they are the best in the business, hands down. They come right out, clean everything up, and they do it quickly and at a reasonable cost. That sounded great to me so I hired them for my most recent post tenancy and they performed a miracle on the unit. These people were particularly messy and the company sent a crew who got right to work on the apartment. When they left a couple of hours later the place looked like new. I’m definitely keeping this company on speed dial.

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