Great Sound-Insulating Option for Existing Windows

We live in a house that used to be on a quiet street. We like the area we live in, but we are not happy with the increased road noise outside of our home. The town decided to cut down trees lining our side of the street due to a fungal infection that was killing them. There is such a big change in the amount of sound that hits our house now. It is downright noisy inside. We looked into Sydney double glazing window options to replace our windows, but we found that there is a better option.

Our older home has some really nice woodwork that was done on these windows that were handcrafted for each window space. There is no suitable replacement for them. So, getting a frameless window design to go on the inside was what we did. The inside window fits right over the existing space perfectly. Each indoor window is 8mm thick. The thick glass combined with the air gap between the new and the old greatly reduces the transmission of road noise to the inside. Plus, the add on leaves us full access to the existing windows for ventilation or cleaning.

There is also a net energy savings with the added thick layer of 8mm glass. It keeps the heat out in the summer and the heat in during the winter. It is a great way to make windows better sound and thermal insulators without needing to replace them. Plus, the spanjolet lock makes them exceptionally secure. Much better than the flimsy locks even on modern windows. This design seems to be well thought out and can be fitted to every window size you have in your home. We have them on our big windows in the living room and every other window on the street side of the house. Soon, we will get them on the rest of the windows in the house.

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