How a Lot of Modern Music is Made

I have made a bunch of music using my phone. I never took it seriously. I would just make some beats and post them on social media. People started to like them. I had people ask me to make some more. I liked to make music and sort it by mood. I had groups of tracks you could listen to based on how you were feeling or how you wanted to feel. I started buying beats sometimes too. I would buy trap beats for my first foray into fast rap. Trap beats have drums, or percussion, that is very rapid. Down to the 1/64th beat. Some drums sound like the staccato of a machine gun. The sound is usually followed up with a heavy base drum thump or sound.

Different rappers use trap beats. I think it started in the southern part of the United states in the 1990s. There is still a lot you can do to explore making new tracks using trap beats. I am not expert enough to arrange percussion sounds like that, so I do buy trap beats for some of my tracks. A lot of music today is a collaboration of different artists. You do not have to confine your artistic expression to just what you can make. You can mix it up in music. If you got vocals or rhymes but no beats, then go buy some beats. If you got beats but no lyrics to go with them, you can sell your beats online.

I think most music that we hear started with someone who got a melody or rhythm they liked and someone else who needed a place to put some lyrics that were rolling around in their mind. The internet lets beat artists and rhyme makers get together to make some new and interesting music.

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