My Nw Hunting Vest I Use in Wildlife Photography

I used to go hunting to harvest animals for food. Then I became a vegetarian when I got married. My wife was a vegetarian for ethical reasons. A digestive issue got me to become one after we got married. Some nerve damage made it difficult for me to digest meat. When that was resolved, I ate meat again. Then my cholesterol shot up high from my vegetarian years, so I went back to being a vegetarian. I have, however, found a new way to hunt. I just bought a new hunting vest, but now I go out in pursuit of wildlife photography. If you think hunting to take game is hard, try getting close enough to take extraordinary pictures of them acting naturally and interacting naturally with other animals and their environment.

I use a camo fabric developed by the same company that made my new hunting vest. It is a digital type of design that kind of makes you blend in three dimensionally with your environment instead of standing out in contrast against it. If you know anything about camo and how it works, you will appreciate the look of this design. It is made so that when eyes are looking at you and your profile, they kind of see you as being just part of the background. Its design tricks eyes to see you as depth and not standing out. You get the same effect when you are looking at vegetation layered over other objects. It is kind of hard to explain, but it is cool when you see it in action.

It all has to do with the design printed on the fabric. It is how it works on your eyes and the eyes of animals. Have you ever looked at one of those posters where if you stare long enough a 3D image emerges? Well, this is kind of like that in reverse. You stare and instead if seeing something right there in front of you, it looks as though you are staying at just the depth of the existing scene.

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