Our Very Own Personal Bidet

I had never used a toilet bidet before, but that changed when my husband and I went on a second honeymoon a few months ago. He took me to a swanky hotel that had every luxury imaginable, even the bidet that I used for the first time ever. I thought that it would be odd to use one, but it was actually quite refreshing. I had to look up information on bidets before I would even use it, and everything I read about them proved to be true. I jokingly told my husband that I wanted one of these at home before we left the hotel.

I thought that was the end of it, because I obviously knew that we could not afford to remodel our bathroom to accommodate one. I should have known that my husband would try to find a way to make it happen though. The bidet that we used at the hotel was separate, but he found one that he was able to install right on our own toilet. All he had to do was take off the toilet seat, put the bidet fixture on, and then reattach the toilet seat. It really was as simple as that!

When I first saw it, I was so excited. That might sound odd, but it will make sense to anyone who likes to be as clean as they possibly can. That is definitely me, and this takes my hygiene care to a new level. Even my husband uses it, and he swears by it now as well. We have had to explain it to a few friends who visit us often, but they don’t mind using it now either. In fact, they asked my husband just the other day where he ordered ours from because they want to get one at home for them now too.

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