She Can Still Have Tea

I came up with the idea of giving my grandmother a Nespresso machine for her birthday after going to the Cuppabean site. I had no idea that she couldn’t drink coffee. She wasn’t allowed to drink it under orders from her doctor. If I had asked her if she could drink coffee, she probably would have told me, but I wanted the machine to be a surprise. Even though she couldn’t have coffee, there was still something she could make with the machine. The machine was the perfect device for making tea, which my grandmother drinks often.

My grandmother drinks tea often enough that she might as well be a tea connoisseur. She’s tried all different kinds of tea that have come from all over the world. She swears by the health benefits of a good cup of tea, and doesn’t add any sugar or cream because she wants to taste the tea’s natural flavors. I’m not really a big fan of drinking just plain tea, but somehow my grandmother sips it without even making a frown. I think all of the hot tea may have killed her taste buds.

There is a special pod that my grandmother puts the tea in when she puts it in the machine. Just a push of a button and the machine does all of the work. The tea flows right into her cup. She wanted me to have a cup of tea with her, and I agreed, but I didn’t care much for the taste of the plain tea. She was drinking green tea that day, and I was wishing that I was eating green tea ice cream instead. She kept trying to get me to drink more tea while telling me that it was good for me. After two cups, I told her that I had to leave to run some errands.

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