She is Now Getting an a in Physics

I thought that my daughter would benefit from a private tutoring session. She agreed, but she did not want it to be a one on one session with a tutor. She enjoys the interaction with other students in her other classes, and she told me that she learns a lot from them too because of the questions that they ask. It also helps them learn when they can feed off each others ideas. Since she was leaning in this direction so strongly, I decided to find a good A level physics tuition centre that she could attend.

I knew there were a lot in the area, but I was not sure which one was the right fit for her. I thought it would take me a little while to figure it out, but as soon as I saw the group class at Waterloo Centre, I knew instantly that it was the one for her. I made this determination just from the website too, so you can imagine the impression that it left on me to choose just from that. The teacher is well known and regarded in the physics arena, and he has written books on the subject as well.

If that was not enough to make me choose him, his website is so full of details that I was not left with a single question to ask before making the decision to send my daughter there. He also agrees with my daughter about a group setting being better for learning. His former students’ test scores is all that is needed to know that this is a proven method then. My daughter has really grown since going to his lessons, and even her physics teacher at school is impressed with how much she has improved and brought her grade up to an A.

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