Significant Improvement with My Chronic Bronchitis

I decided to look into a bronchitis home remedy review after my umpteenth trip to the doctor to get yet another prescription for this plague that never seems to abate. I first started having problems with my lungs in my early teens. I would get coughing fits that didn’t seem to go away for a long time, and the would return quickly when it finally evaporated. By the time I got into high school it seemed I had bronchitis at least four times a year. My parents tried everything, things like vaporizers and chest salves, but nothing seemed to work well.

By the time I was in my twenties, a doctor diagnosed me with chronic bronchitis. Nothing you can do about, he said, but here’s a prescription that might help. That was the first of many attempts to fix the problem, or at least battle it to a stalemate, and I became increasingly frustrated with the idea that I would have a persistent cough and a tight chest for the rest of my life. Sometimes my chest got so tight I thought I was having a heart attack. It was that bad. In desperation I turned to the internet for answers.

I found a site about a book that has a natural remedy for this condition. It uses herbs and holistic medicine to treat the condition. Apparently people around the world have been using herbs for thousands of years to clear up problems like chronic bronchitis. I never heard a thing about this from my doctor, so I went ahead and got the book and tried the remedy. It’s been a revelation, let me tell you. My chest is no longer tight and the bronchitis is largely gone. I might get a mild case for about a month in the winter, but otherwise I’m breathing clearly for the first time in years!

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