We Wanted to Have Lower Mortgage Payments

My husband and I did not have the best credit when we decided we wanted to buy a house. We knew that if we worked hard, we would be able to refinance any home that we were living in for a better mortgage payment. The trouble was not in getting a mortgage but rather in getting a good rate. It took us nearly ten years to dig ourselves out of the hole that we were in, but we were finally ready to refinance. I did a search for a company that does home appraisal in Sacramento because I knew that was going to be one of the first things that we needed done.

I knew that the bank would be able to handle this for us, but I also knew that we could probably have it done at a much lower cost if we arranged for it ourselves. I looked at several different companies and people that provide this service, and it did not take me long to know that I wanted one company in particular to handle the appraisal. One of the things that I liked best about this company is how transparent they are. I was able to read up on the appraiser on his LinkedIn account before even meeting him!

I liked that they also have a quick turn around time. We were not in a super rush, because we had already been making high mortgage payments for years. Once we made up our minds to get this done though, we wanted to have it handled as quickly as possible. I was able to schedule the appointment after reading all about the appraisal company online. When they say it is a quick turn around time, they are not kidding. It did not even take a month before we were officially making much lower payments for our mortgage.

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